When Does Ups Stop Delivering

The basic rule for business is 5pm with no attempts to a business that is known to be closed between 12-1. Personally, being on my route for 20 years, I had keys to offices. 99% of my businesses, which made up 70% of my route, had signed delivery notices on

registered v certified mail

file, authorizing me to leave the parcels at the stop without obtaining a signature. (Basically, if they were out to lunch, I would enter, leave the pkgs in the agreed upon area, lock up and be on my way). No delays, happy customers and the least amount of claims and complaints in my center. My business stops and all pickups would be done by 3pm at the latest. Residential deliveries could be made anytime during the day or

when does ups stop delivering

evening, I was usually finished and on my way home at 4:30. Unfortunately, some drivers are there just for the almighty dollar and push their day to a 12 hour one at the expense of the customer and company. UPS is a union company and is supposed to abide by our contract by not over-dispatching the drivers. Sadly, this seems to be past the point of being ignored. The other HUGE plus on my route was that I’m Facebook friends with more than a few of my customers and most had my number. Some would FB me the night before, letting me know what to do with their delivery or some would call and meet me on the route for their pkg. I delivered my route the same way daily so within a 15 minute span everyone knew where they could find me. This was, and still is a one of a kind route, as management has authorized the drivers to continue what I was doing. (With the exception of picking up US mail which I would deliver to the Post Office when I made my afternoon pickup
That depends on a million different factors. Key ones to consider:

when does ups stop delivering

Business, residential, or commercial?
Where is it at on the driver’s route? How many other packages does the driver have to deliver before yours?
When we load them, there’s something called a PAL number. The PAL number tells the driver part of where the package is going and the packages are shelved by area. So if one area is designated 1000s, those will generally be first on the driver’s route. Then 2000s, 3000s, etc. If you fall in the 8000s, your package will be one of the last delivered for the day.
What area?

usps track number

Is it near a major holiday? During Christmas season (peak season), a lot more packages are shipped and delivery times to residential areas may be as late as 11pm.

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