When Does Fedex Stop Delivering

You’ve got a busy day coming up, but you’re also expecting a package you don’t want to miss. Think of how helpful it would be to know approximately when your package is likely to arrive. You can — simply sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager® and view or receive notification with the estimated delivery time window, if available for your shipment.1 That can help you better plan when to be home to receive the package in person — or make other arrangements for when it arrives.

usps in transit to destination

The length of an estimated window will vary depending on location, but may be as short as an hour.

Open the window
You only have to sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager once, and you can change your notification preferences at any time.

Then when you’re expecting a package, check the shipment tracking page to see if it’s eligible for an estimated delivery time window. Make your busy day run more smoothly by requesting notification reminders for the day before and the morning of your delivery.

does ups run on sundays

Manage your deliveries
Now that you’ll know approximately when your package may arrive, you’ve got options for how to help manage your deliveries. You can leave specific delivery instructions to request that the delivery driver leave your package exactly where you want it — on the porch, at the front step or at your neighbor’s, for instance. And if the shipper requires a signature for delivery, you can sign for it in advance. 2

With FedEx Delivery Manager you can also select Hold at FedEx Location and have your shipment held at a FedEx location. Your package will be securely held for seven business days until you’re able to pick it up.

when does fedex stop delivering

Sign up today
Get access to an estimated delivery time window by signing up for FedEx Delivery Manager.

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1Estimated delivery time window is not currently available on all packages.

ups tracking code

2Applies to Indirect Signature Service option. Direct Signature and Adult Signature service options require a signature upon delivery.

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